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when most go to play puzzle games, they think about Tetris, Crossword. we would like to expand your mindset a bit by introducing best games that may slightly go beyond this realm into the puzzle category. Be assured, if you like basic puzzles, you will love these suggestions that have taken our time and heart over the past year. As we continue to play free puzzle games , we will be sure to share with you our findings.

If you try to check the multitude of brain games offered over the internet right now, you would realize that there are tons of free online games that you can enjoy in your free time. Starting from the very popular puzzle games that everybody can play for free in our Android Application.

Jigsaw puzzles

In case you like free puzzle games and you are excited about something different, yet fun and with a lot of creative ideas, Jigsaw Puzzle is the right game for you. This is one of puzzles that require a lot of patience and commitment. it gets more challenging as you play.

Try out these puzzles and complete them to the best of your capabilities. It’s extremely exciting, fun and rewarding, not to mention just a pleasure to try it out for a change.

Roll Puzzle Ball

ROLLING the BALL is an immersive and easy to play where you need to connect the start point to the end. The way you do that is by moving the pieces one at a time and clearing the ones you don’t need as you complete it. What makes this Roll the Ball unique is the fact that's a pleasure to play and it constantly brings in stellar and powerful features that you will enjoy.

Snake Unblock

Is a very creative unblock me game where the focus is to help a snake get to the exit by removing the other one out of his way. like the most unblocked game, but each one of the levels is becoming difficult and more challenging.

It’s one of the puzzle games for adults for those who like problem-solving, where you can try out dozens of solutions until you can find the right one. You can do the Unblocked action only if you complete the game adequately and know what you are getting into.

Pipes Connect

Pipes Connect is one of those simple line game where you need to create lines from one color to the other. Basically, you have pipe heads of various colors on the guide, and you have to make a line from begin to end.. The most significant perspective is that you have various pipe colors and you are not permitted to cover.it's focused on offering a really cool art and it definitely delivers when it comes to the value and the entire process.


There are a logic puzzle in and around the globe but we bet 2048, is one of the Top free game for those who love playing with numbers and believe that must be sorted in the right combination. We have designed this game in such a way that you will find it equally interesting and fascinating to discover how the number works with each other. Pairing up a few numbers so as to generate a bigger number is no small task as it tests your patience and understanding regarding numbers.

Puzzle block

Puzzle block is a game in which you have to place blocks of different shapes and sizes on board to try to fill the lines. If you like Tetris style, then you're in luck because this game is a great version.

The gameplay is very simple and similar to Tetris. when you start, you'll see a vacant board and three blocks.You can put the blocks where you need without altering the shapes, As soon as you fill the line, it will disappear, give you points and free up space.

Hexa block

Hexa Block Puzzle is a super fun puzzle that challenges you to complete a card made of hexagonal pieces, is a very fun game that provides moments of entertainment for online puzzle lovers.

this video game cover different difficulty level to make it fun for everyone, no matter what level of ability. The more the difficulty increases, the more you will also be able to improve your abilities to solve your puzzle little by little, and before you realize it, you will be able to solve more puzzles.


Sudoku is a game that is available online for free, this help you to boost your Skills, The most important feature is that it offers the possibility to play only one mixed level, hard and evil, is designed for Experts who love Solving online puzzles.

Sudoku is comes with a nice interface, a few simple controls and enough puzzle to keep you glued to the screen for days. Obviously, you will need to love and Play Sudoku Online, it's available for free in our 9games app.


Mahjong, this addictive brain game has been around for hundreds of years, but it has never been easier to play it, with so many options, as it is here. You just have to click on two exposed tiles with corresponding symbols to remove them duplateau and expose the tiles they blocked. Try to clear the entire board in each of these fun Mahjong games.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble-Shooter is a game with mechanics identical to Puzzle Bubble in which your objective is to shoot the colored balls from the bottom to explode those above the screen by connecting three balls of the same color.

The game have more than 300 different levels in which the balls are presented in different arrangements which are increasingly difficult to solve. In addition, there is a puzzle mode in which you will have a limited number of balls to make the others disappear.

Word Search

word search is a game in which you have to find hidden words among loose letters.is a great game with many categories that add more variety, from consoles like Atari. The mechanics is the same as any other games, and includes a words to search among a set of letters. Once the word has been selected, it is automatically crossed out. Once you've chosen the word game category and difficulty, you'll test your skills to try to find all of the words in as little time as possible. Higher difficulties add more columns and rows.


Solitaire is, as its name suggests, a new version of the classic card game online. The features in this release are the inclusion of a Solitaire, three card solitaire, and the option to store your stats and achievements. There is nothing about the gameplay of this classic puzzle game that most players will not be familiar with: it is simple and eye-catching, and that is precisely what makes it so interesting, a player can be entertained for a while before win or surrender by deeming it impossible.

Wonderland Chapter

Wonderland Chapter is a hidden-object game that have six incredibly detailed levels stuffed with hundreds of objects.

9GAMES Puzzle Game collection for Android

4in1games.com built a 9games puzzle game collection for Android with the best popular problem-solving games that you can play offline and online for Mobile phone and tablet devices. 9games puzzle App is a compilation of newly designed games of the most addictive puzzle games for kids, which includes different types of games such as CONNECT, SUDOKU, 2048, Jigsaw Puzzle, ROLLING BALL, BLOCK, and others. Some of those apps come with ads-free, beautiful design and perfect graphics with relaxing music, We prepared this brain teasers games for kids and all ages to Boost brain activity and concentration, Increase memory power and skills in puzzle world. try out the best puzzle collection.

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